Durometer For Rubber & Plastic ARW-HB

Analog SHORE Durometer

  • Measuring hardness Shore A, C, D
  • Accuracy 1% of measured value
  • Peak Hold function (red needle)
  • Standards: DIN 53505 - ASTM D2240 - ISO 868

Metering modes:

Place the needle of the maximum to zero, then hold the instrument in the lower base with the hand, positioning it on the surface to be tested and applying a slight pressure so that the support base adheres completely to the surface of the object, at this point it is possible to read the instantaneous value on the main needle and the peak value on the red needle.

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Measuring range:

Mod. HBA 0...100 Shore A with resolution 1.0


Mod. HBC 0...100 Shore C/0 with resolution 1.0


Mod. HBD 0...100 Shore D with resolution 1.0


1% of measured value


L 115xB60xH25 mm



Download this file (HARDNESS TESTER FOR PLASTIC AND RUBBER.pdf)Data Sheet shore durometer[ ]151 Kb