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Our identity
The Group Arroweld Italy is the most innovative industrial distribution company operating in Italy today. Founded in 1976, through a continuous process of transformation started with a 'management buy-out in 1990, after the untimely death of its founder in 1988. Arroweld has been able to trace, over the next 20 years, a new way in making distribution and services for the industry presenting itself to the market as a multi-company, multi-sectoral with a' unique offer and constantly expanding. The addition of cutting-edge business tools that has always characterized our group and offers our customers a service before and after sales highly qualified, mainly in high-tech products.

Group Arroweld year 2011
Today the group Arroweld is the market leader in the distribution industry with a turnover of more than EUR 100 million and employs 350 staff direct, 1000 indirect, 11 companies with 22 sites and branch offices and 100 of subsidiary companies.

Strategy: Grow consolidating
The Group's strategy is moving in two directions, the first aimed at the development of the project with the continuous expansion of aggregation of companies in the distribution industry through acquisitions can add new brands, new content and to strengthen existing ones. The second is characterized by the faithful commitment that Arroweld considers essential to pursue a target of continually improving the internal organization in order to be more careful and performance in the service provided to customers.

Mission: To create value
Maintain national leadership group which specializes in the industrial distribution with building an enduring fascination image towards our employees and customers. Achieve this by promoting the development of the potential of each of the employees of the company paying attention to their expectations and the expectations of the customer.

"CONTROL" Arroweld Italy Spa
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Stefano Chilese