Coating Thickness gauge

ARW-156 “FN”

Coating Thickness Gauge with built-in probe

This compact Coating thickness gauge with built-in probe dual-tecnology “FN” is suitable for the measurement of coatings (paint, zinc, plastic, rubber, ceramics, etc..) On both ferrous metals “F” (carbon steel, iron, cast iron, etc. .) and notferrous metals “N” (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc.)..


Coating thickness gauge ARW-8826

For coatings on ferrous ferrous metals (magnetic) ARW 8826 F

For coatings on ferrous and non ferrous metals (magnetic and not-magnetic) ARW 8826 FN

Ideal for any type of coating (paint, plastic, zinc, chrome, rubber, ceramics, etc..), on magnetic metallic bases “FE” (versions 8826F - FN 8826). FN 8826 version also allows you to measure coatings (paint, plastics, anodizing, chrome, rubber, ceramics, etc..) of non-magnetic metal bases “NFE”