Ultrasonic Thickness Gages

Ultrasonic thickness gauge ARW 8812

This instruments allows the detection of different thicknesses in materials such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, glass, polyethylene, PVC, etc.. by simply positioning the probe on the piece. Ideal for measuring pipes, tanks, and in every situation can not be accessed from both sides of the measured object. Particularly suitable for corrosion control, in quality control for incoming material and maintenance of civil and industrial plants.


Ultrasonic thickness gauge ARW-TN300

Professional ultrasonic thickness gauge

Ultrasonic thickness gauge for the measurement of the thickness of the materials. Ergonomically designed for comfortable positioning in your hands, the ARW TN-300 incorporates all the functions necessary to satisfy any need. Equipped with internal data memory and a calibration plate incorporated allows a fast and precise measurement, both in single point mode or continuous mode with the SCAN function. Supplied with probe 5 MHz and delivered in a strong ABS carry case.