Digital thermohygrometer ARW-8892

This instrument is able to measure air temperatures, relative humidity, “dew point” (dew point) and air temperature “wet bulb” simultaneously.

It has a number of useful features including, automatic switch-off, min. / max. reading and Hold function.

  • Small size
  • Fast response time
  • High precision
  • Data-Hold and Max Hold function
  • Dual display with backlight
  • Dewpoint function

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Duble LCD

response time

<15 sec. (90% of the final value of the air flow)


Umidity: Capacitive sensor with high precision/ Temperature: Thermistor

absolute humidity

0 - 500g/m3, 0 - 218.5gr/ft3(calculated from the ratio between the value RH and temp.)

condizioni operative

32 ÷ 122 °F (0 ÷ 50 °C); < 80% RH senza condensa


Battery 9 Volt

Life battery

Approx. 48 h

size/ weigh

300x75x50(mm); 400g

range umidity

0~100% RH, accuracy ±2% RH

range temperature

20~60°C, -4~140°F, accuracy ±1°C /1,8°F

temperature Dewpoint

30~100°C, -22~199°F, accuracy ±0,5°C / 0,9°F

temperature (Wet Bulb)

0~80°C, 32~176°F, accuracy ±0,5°C 0,9°


Download this file (THERMOHYGROMETERS and THERMO-ANEMOMETER.pdf)Data Sheet Thermo hygrometer 8892[ ]139 Kb