Ray detector ARW-9501

Multi‐function Radiation Scanner ARW‐9501

This product is made of highly-sensitive Geiger counter sensor and the latest CMOS integrated circuit technology. The product has functions as data logger, Bluetooth communication data transmission, and powerful software for data evaluation. It can detect α, β, γ, and X ray; it also can detect radiation pulse times.

This meter can be widely used in field of Pharmaceutical Factory, laboratory, power station, stone pit, emergency rescue station, metal plant, Oil field and the oil pipeline equipment, environmental protection, police departments and etc.


  • Select button for different ray measurement
  • High-definition LCD display with back-light, measuring dynamic, ray category, reading, real-time time, battery indication, measurement symbols and simulating diagram indication.
  • Adjustable indication of average time
  • Accumulation of radiation detection value and conversion between different measurement unit
  • Alarm, real-time time and Bluetooth data transmission functions
  • Pulse counting function
  • Mini impact-resistant design, easy to carry
  • Meet ergonomic principle, comfortable hand-feel
  • Bluetooth communication data transmission function and powerful software for data evaluation.
  • Large internal memory capacity that can directly store 4000 group of data inside, transfer to PC, and no need manual record.

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Tecnical features

Ray types

Radiation “Α”, Beta “β”, Gamma “γ” e “X-ray”

Measuring Range


Radiation dose rate: 0.01u Sv/h-1000u Sv / h

Pulse dose rate:0-4000cpm ,0-4000cps

Accumulated radiation dose value: 0.001u Sv-9999Sv

Accumulated Pulse dose rate: 0-999999


0-999999 : 1u Sv / h di Co-60, 108 impulsi o 1000cpm/mR/hr


Tipica 15% (fonte di Co-60- ray):<10%(less than 500μSv/h)<20%(less than 600μSv/h)


 (G.M Geiger counter tube)

Output port



LCD with bar graph indication

Alarm Function

Free to set the value of beep alarm, Defoult 5u Sv / hr


Auto-save 4000 groups of datas,record one group of date per second with detailed info as date, time, reading and unit

Operative Temperature

0°C ÷ 50°C (-40°C ÷ +75°C during the measure)





Quality certificate

European CE, US FCC-15


Download this file (geiger counter ARW 9501.pdf)Data Sheet Ray-detector 9501[ ]264 Kb