Glossmeter ARW-E60

The series of Glossmeters ARW certainly provides the optimum solution for the verification of the brightness in each surface, very important factor for determining the characteristics of a painted surface and other surfaces.The model ARW E-60 offers excellent robustness, portability and ease of use.

Work with a view to detection at 60 ° which allows use in various application fields, the values are read within 3 seconds and shown on the display with a resolution of 0.1 gloss units (GU). The model ARW E-20 is adapt in high gloss surfaces that in the opaque surfaces. Constructed in accordance with international standards EN ISO281-3, ASTM D 523, 7530 DIN6.

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ARW E60°


Range (GU)

Resolution (GU)


0 - 200



≤1,2 GU


± 2 GU

deviation of zero

≤0,4 GU/30min.

Min. area of measure

16 x 32 mm

power supply

2 batt. AAA 1,5 V


114 x 70 x 38 mm


280 g

light source

Tungsten halogen lamp long life conforms to CIE type C

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