ARW-1394 EMF (electro magnetic field) Detector for low-frequency

The meter of magnetic fields (EMF) ARW 1394 is designed to provide users a quick and easy measurements of the levels of electromagnetic pollution produced by power lines, electrical equipment and all devices operating with a bandwidth from 30Hz to 2000Hz.

・ The detection field includes the current industrial 50/60Hz and their harmonics also

・ Equipped with 2 selectable units of measure “micro Tesla & milli Gauss”

・ Complete with RS-232 interface and software.

・ Datalogging with 999 records stored

・ Range: 20/200/2000 milli Gauss 2/20/200 micro Tesla

・ Functions Data hold, Peak hold

・ Easy to use

・ Functions of min / max.

・ Three axes Measures (X, Y, Z)

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3-1/2 digits, max 1999


20/200/2000 milli Gauss


2/20/200 micro Telsa



0.01/0.1/1 milli Gauss


0.001/0.01/0.1 micro Telsa

measurement mode

triaxial (X,Y, Z)



30Hz ÷ 2000Hz



±(3% + 3d) at 50Hz or 60Hz


±(5% + 3d) at 40Hz to 200Hz


-3dB at 30Hz to 2000Hz


Overflow indication

in the Display «OL»


999 reads


simple time

approx. 0.5 sec.



6 batteries AAA 1.5V


Life battery

approx. 100 h.


Operative contition

0-50°C (32-122°F) with umidity ‹ 80% RH

Store condition

-10 ÷ 60°C with umidity ‹ 70% RH


approx. 165g


size (LxWxH)

154 x 72 x 35 mm


accessories included

- instruction manual

- software windows


- batteries

- cable USB

Download this file (ELECTRO SMOG METERS.pdf)Data Sheet EMF Meters[ ]122 Kb