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Durometer ARW-DPI

Impact Hardness tester for metals

Portable Digital hardness tester compact and easy to use, particularly indicated for the measurement of the hardness of solid surfaces also of great sizes that are difficult to reach with other instruments. Using the method of measurement to bounce method (Leeb test) with the use of an impact type sensor (probe) that can detect the hardness of various types of material and to convert the value in the main measurement scales (Rockwell B, Rockwell C , Brinell, Vickers and calculation of the breaking load)

  • Measurement system to Rebound (Leeb Test)
  • Standard impact probe “D” included
  • Accuracy. 1% at 800HLD (+ /-6HLD) on the smooth surface
  • Selectable measurement scales: Rockwell (B & C), Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Shore (HSD) Leeb HLD) and tensile strength (MPa)
  • IR Printer Included
  • Internal menu language “English”
  • Automatic detection of probe type
  • Possibility to carry out the measure in any direction, vertical, diagonal, horizontal and upside down ←↑→↓

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HL Display

from 0 to 999 HLD


± 6HL (su 800 HLD)


LCD backlight, large display


1 HL, 1 HV, 1 HB, 0.1 HRC, 0.1HRB, 1 HSD, 1 MPa

Minimum weight of the sample tested

3Kg (probe type “D”)

Minimum thickness of the sample tested

30mm (probe type “D”)

Minimum radius of the sample tested

50mm (concave / convex) 10mm with use adapter ring (included)

Power supply

Batteries (3x 1,5 AAA)



Operative temperature

0°C to a 50°C (32 to 122 °F)

Store temperature

-10°C to + 60°C (14 to a 140°F)


90% max.


150mm x 80mm x 24mm (5.9 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches)


ca. 200g


Download this file (HARDNESS TESTERS FOR METAL DPI.pdf)Data Sheet Durometers DPI[ ]90 Kb